Dehors ! Le graffiti à Bruxelles asks questions: What is the history of graffiti in Brussels? What are its origins, rules and practices? Who are its shadow artists? and give the answers. The discovery of a culture, its codes and its history.

From the street to the galleries, the author analyzes all the routes based on unpublished documentation.

Richness and color of the testimonies gathered alive, in the very spirit of these new reading codes imposed by street art, passed from the ephemeral to the indelible.

“Is the renaissance of graffiti necessary? Doesn't this art win by staying in the shadows? We will never resolve the issue of tolerance for graffiti, because public space belongs to everyone. But it's time to consider graffiti artists as full-fledged artists when ordering a public space, a work of art. It is time today that our interest in graffiti goes beyond the socio-cultural to enter the artistic field.


This first reference work on the subject takes street art from ephemeral to indelible.


2011, 23,5 x 28,5 cm, 224 pages, texts in french.

Dehors ! Le graffiti à Bruxelles

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